Sunday, June 27, 2010

The points are just like the American version of Godzilla

Season 2, Episode 6

No, I have not forgotten completely about the blog. I just haven't had time. And still don't, so this post is probably going to stink.

The first game of the episode is Weird Newscasters, with Colin as a guy desperate for attention:

Kinda hard to ignore...

Wayne Brady as a Karate Black Belt beating someone up.

This is not Wayne Brady*

Ryan is a Lifeguard who spots a woman drowning.

..and apparently pulling her under himself.

No one gets any points from Drew.

I give Colin 3oo for "Looking at bald men gives you good luck!" and 500 to the random woman that Ryan dragged out of the audience.

The next game is Song Styles, in which Wayne must sing a Tina Turner song to Jim the Army Recruiter.

Drew gives Jim's army buddies 1000 points.

After that is Scenes from a Hat, featuring such scenes as "Germany's #1 Sitcom", "Things you never hear in the boxing ring", and "inappropriate show and tell items".

Such as a Tapeworm.

Still no points for anyone.
I think Colin should have gotten some for his inexplicable "They have escaaaaaped!" and "I'm a white Canadian! I have a chance!"

Next up is a Newsflash, featuring a ripoff of Godzilla:

At least it's not a guy in a suit.

Still no points awarded.

The final scoring game is 3-Headed Broadway Star, singing the hit love song "Bubbles" from Loch Ness Monster: The Musical.

I have nothing to say.

Still no points for any of the regulars.

Final Tally:
Denny: 0
Wayne: 0
Colin: 0
Ryan: 0
Jim's army buddies: 1000
Total points: 1000

So Jim's army buddies win. But because they aren't on the show, Denny is declared the winner.

Cumulative Total: Season 2, Episodes 1-6: 3,050,700

*It's Black Belt from Final Fantasy I

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