Sunday, August 22, 2010

The points are just like pizza to Yorick.

Season 2, Episode 8

And welcome to yet another completely pointless installment of the blog. If you're reading this, you're probably the only one.

Anyway, the first game of this episode is Let's Make A Date.

Wayne is a strict, overbearing schoolmarm, Colin is an uptight model doing her first erotic photo shoot (uh oh), and Ryan is a frat boy showing off to his buddies in the audience.

And as usual, everything combines in a horrifying way.

The DTD in London receives 1000 points for some reason.

Next up is Film, Tv, and Theater styles, featuring Colin and Josie as boss and secretary staying at Ryan's creepy hotel.

So naturally, someone ends up dead.

Just like in Psycho.

Also Ryan sticks his face in the camera.

It's what he does.

Hugh Hefner receives 10,000,000 points for some reason.

We then go to Newsflash.

Hope you don't have Ophidiophobia.

No points. Only some trauma for people who don't like snakes.

The next game is Weird Newscasters, with Josie as characters from Shakespeare, Wayne on an out of control treadmill, and Ryan as a baseball player who has to hit a home run to win the world series.

Apparently Colin's head is shiny enough to qualify as a skull.

Everyone gets 1000 points.

The final scoring game is a Punk Rock Duet with Josie and Wayne, singing to Kenny.

The Ramones, they ain't.

No points.

Final Tally:
Wayne: 1000
Josie: 1000
Colin: 1000
Ryan: 1000
DTD in London: 1000
Hugh Hefner: 10,000,000
Total: 10,005,000

So Hugh Hefner has the most points. But Wayne wins. Apparently for no other reason than he's Wayne Brady.

Cumulative Total: Season 2, Episodes 1-8: 13,056,700

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