Sunday, March 14, 2010

The points are just like a hat to Don King.

Season 1, Episode 19

And the 2nd to last episode of season one begins!

It begins with Wierd Newscasters. Ryan is an astronaut doing a spacewalk when everything goes wrong, Wayne is Don King, and Colin is too emotionally attached to the stories.

The Onion* is so much better.

Brad gets 1000 points for his name, which is Chester Something Something Snapdragon McFisticuff.

The next game is Song Style, with Wayne and Brad singing a Disco Ballad to Sarah, an IT Consultant. If you want to know what an IT Consultant is, watch the episode.

Wayne's shoes are apparently really
awesome. Too bad we can't see them.

No points.

The next game is Sound Effects. On Colin's Wedding Day. On the Titanic. You can probably see where this is going.

"Is that an iceberg? I've never
seen one, so I wouldn't know."

Yes, Colin. Yes it is. No points.

Okay, lets see, what's up next?

Oh, yes. Props. With toilet plungers. (Yes, that's what those are.)

This is what happens when you
cut back on military spending.

Guess what? No points.

Next up is a game of "narrate", otherwise known as Film a pizza parlor.

I would never eat here.

Ryan gets 500 points.

The final game is a Telethon for people who suck their thumbs.

This has nothing to do with the
telethon, but my computer is being
stupid and won't let me take a real
screenshot, so you get this instead.

Final Tally:
Brad: 1000
Wayne: 0
Colin: 0
Ryan: 500
Total: 1500

Brad has the most points, but Colin and Ryan win. Somehow.

Cumulative Total: Season 1, Episodes 1-19: 1505146972.5

*It should be obvious that this is a parody/satire site, but due to other examples of human stupidity, I feel compelled to point this out.

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