Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The points are just like a pizza robot in Italy

Season 1, Episode 20

Well, we're at the last episode of season one. Why you've read this far, I don't know.

The season finale kicks off with Weird Newscasters featuring Colin as a guy auditioning for a role in a horror movie, Denny as a Catskills Comedian, and Ryan carelessly throwing lit cigarettes around.
For the record, Colin completely owned this game:

Unfortunately, Frankenstein's Monster's*
cameo in the Blair Witch Project was
left on the cutting room floor.

Being shorter than his cousin,
Grand Duke Kong was forced to
climb a less illustrious monument.

However, I have to give props to Ryan for actually splashing water on himself after setting his shirt (and the entire west coast) on fire.

British Columbia is on fire, and
there's Mummy loose in the studio.

Ryan gets 500,000 points.

Next up is Multiple Personalities. I forget what item goes with which personality, but the three personalities are Liberace, Jimmy Stewart, and Scooby Doo. You know that this is going to be interesting.

Also, Jimmy Stewart sings Opera.

This is where things get complicated. Drew awards Colin "All the points." This is frustratingly vague. I'm assuming that he's not giving Colin all the points ever, as that would just be unfair to everyone else. As such, I will record Colin as having received a number point equal to all the other points awarded in this episode in addition to the points he earns normally. It's annoying when the points matter.

The next game is Fashion Show, featuring Professional Wrestlers.

These are not the professional wrestlers.

Maybe he's the pro wrestler, although
he looks more like he's in a
showstopping musical number.

This is really about as close to
pro wrestling as we're going to get.

Colin and Ryan get 1000 points each.

And now we move on to bring you the World's Worst President. In the words of Drew "You know who doesn't count". If you don't know who "You know who" is, you either live under a rock, or were born after 2006, in which case you're probably too young to even be able to read this.

"From now on, everyone in North
Dakota is named Tim!"

At least he isn't raising taxes.
No points.

Moving on, Props.

Ryan attempts to make the world's largest pizza.

Unfortunately, the cast of Code Geass beat him to it.

They even used a robot.
Does Ryan have a robot?
No, he doesn't.

1000 points to everyone. Except the Pizza Mech. Drew doesn't even know about it.

Next game is Party Quirks: Denny is Greg's Jewish Mother (totally not going to offend anyone), Colin likes putting his hands in people's pockets, and Ryan is various sea life being sucked into a propeller.

This is nothing; he'd do worse.

Colin gets 1000 points.

The final scoring game of season one is a Hoedown. Because there are no good images from the hoedown, you get this instead:

A Moe Anthropomorphism** of
the Death Star. If this isn't the
most random thing you've
seen today, your life is
overly interesting.

No one gets any points for the hoedown anyway.

Final Tally:
Denny: 1000
Greg: 1000
Colin: 507,000 (3000 points awarded normally, + 504,000 for "all the points")
Ryan: 502, 000
Total: 1,011,000

Colin has the most points (he got all of them), but Greg and Ryan share the victory.

Cumulative Total: Season one, all episodes: 1,506,157,972.5

And season one is complete!
I haven't gotten around to adding up the points for the individual players, and I don't know if I actually will. I might. If I do, I'll post it at some point, and if not, I'll go straight to season 2.
I'm probably going to take a break for a bit in between to get school stuff done. Exegesis of Greek is eating me alive, hence the updates being few and far between. Hopefully it'll get better later on.

*I am aware that Frankenstein is the name of the scientist who created the monster, not the monster itself.
** Yes, this page is where I got the picture.

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