Saturday, May 8, 2010

The points are just like a parka in miami.

Season Two, Episode Three

This episode of Whose Line kicks off with Weird Newscasters. Greg is a heckler, Wayne is a precocious multi-talented child star, and Ryan is an angry NBA player about to be objected.

Why is he wearing a fez? I have no idea.

Greg acts like a drunken heckler, Wayne acts like himself 20 years younger, and Ryan does what he always does.

Sticks his face in the camera...

...and trashes the studio.

Drew gives everyone 1000 points, but docks 500 from Ryan for not kicking a photographer.
I give Greg 500 points for "Nice Haircut! Lose a bet?" and Ryan 500 for trashing the stage.

Next up is the most politically incorrect game ever, African Chant.

Can't think of a caption. Too
distracted by Wayne's uber-shiny

I can't really understand what Drew says when he awards the points, but I'm pretty sure I heard "1000" in there somewhere, so that's what everybody gets.

I give Wayne 500 for his spelling thing.

Then we have scenes from a hat. Colin fails geography.

"Florida. Not to be confused with Miami."

Drew awards nothing, I give Colin 500 points for covering up his mistake.

Moving on, we have Change Emotion, with Greg, Colin, and Ryan as big game hunters lost in a jungle. The giant jungle knife is "rage" and the canteen is....oh crap...."lust". This cannot possibly end well. Especially if someone ends up holding both of these things...

See what I mean?

Ok, let's get far far away from that, shall we? Everybody gets 1000 points.

Last scoring game is Greatest Hits: Songs of the Exterminator.

Wayne doesn't know that termites
have chewed through the piano legs.

No points.

Final tally:
Greg: 3000
Wayne: 2000
Colin: 3000
Ryan: 2500
Total points: 10,500

Colin and Greg tie for first place, but only Greg wins. Colin gets shafted.

Cumulative Total: Season 2, Episodes 1-3: 3,034,700

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