Friday, January 29, 2010

The points are just like earthquakes to an astronaut.

Season 1, Episode 10

This episode starts of with a Questions Only soap opera.

"I'd rather not have a real
man in my life, thanks."

Fortunately, not too many long lost relatives show up. Unfortunately, no one gets any points.

Next, Wayne sings a gospel song to Sheila the immigration worker.

"Can't stop my love from jumpin' your fence!'

Wayne gets 1,000,000 points...for the next show. I'll add them then. So functionally, he has no points for this game.

Now we have a Newsflash, which seems to feature the 1950's equivalent of Baywatch.

"Of course all these people
are from the senate."

And I thought that the country was in bad shape before...No points.

Drew also says that if you keep track of the points, you can enter a drawing and win a chance to watch Whose Line in the comfort of your own home. I would like you to know that I have won that drawing.

Moving on, we have Sound Effects, with Colin as an Eastern European Gymnast, who needs perfect scores.
Immediately preceding this pose was
the most graceful and beautiful
rhythmic gymnastics routine
ever performed.

Colin receives, no points, because he apparently doesn't know that events like discus throwing and pole-vaulting are track and field events. Although I'm sure combining track and field with gymnastics would certainly be interesting. Especially javelin throwing.

Newscasters is up next, with Colin being the target of rumors about his inability to be a good date.

"I didn't know your
shirt was flammable!"

Wayne also gets locked out of his car, and Ryan traumatizes a guy in the audience.

"Call me."

Everybody gets 1000 points for their trouble.

Last of all is Scene to Rap, which once again demonstrates the timeless truth that no one on Whoseline other than Wayne is capable of rapping.

They can, however, stop
and earthquake with the
power of Riverdance.

No points, though.

Final tally:
Wayne: 1000 (1,000,000 for next show)
Denny: 1000
Colin: 1000
Ryan: 1000
Total: 4000

It's a four way tie, and Denny is arbitrarily picked as the winner.

Cumulative total, Season 1, Episodes 1-10: 3,010,522.5

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