Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The points are just like an Aqualung to an octopus.

Season 1, Episode 8

And so we begin yet another episode.

Guess what game we're starting with. Yup. "Let's make a date". Wayne is an Italian Opera Singer, Colin turns into a pig, and we learn far more about Ryan's subconscious than we ever wanted to know. I will say no more concerning that, lest I have to scrape my brain off again.

It's not as disturbing in context, really.

Colin gets 1000 points.

Then Wayne begins to channel the spirit of Louis Armstrong, for the purpose of singing about swimming lessons. And yes, he manages to work some form of innuendo into it.

"If I was drowning would you
give me CPR?"

He also apparently thinks that Aqualungs are sexy. Or maybe he's just a fan of Jethro Tull.
Drew once again awards one million Louis Armstrong.

Next up is props.

A chestburster from Alien as
envisioned by Dr. Seuss.

No points here, and also Colin and Wayne are disturbing as barnyard animals.

Also, Drew pities me for keeping track of the points. Doesn't bother me. If people pity you they're more likely to give you stuff for free.

Party Quirks is up next. Wayne is a pinball, Colin is a chicken with his head cut off, and Ryan is every Alfred Hitchcock movie ever.

It makes sense in context.

Colin gets 1000 points. I've seen a chicken get it's head cut off, and Colin pretty much nailed it.

The final scoring game is Greatest Hits: Songs of the Butcher. I will never be able to use a meat tenderizer without having to scour my mind afterwards.

Someone has certainly
been smoking something.

No points.

Final Tally
Ryan: 0
Louis Armstrong:1000000
Total: 1002000

Louis Armstrong wins, but he's not on the show, so Ryan and Colin pick up the win.

Cumulative Total: Season 1, Episodes 1-8: 2,006,222.5

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