Saturday, January 30, 2010

The points are just like secondary characters to Captain Kirk

Season 1, Episode 11

Once again, we begin the episode with a game of Lets Make A Date.

Wayne is Bill Clinton, Colin is being eaten by army ants, and I'm not going to say what Ryan is, because I'm trying not to think about it.

And this is why.

All you need to know about Ryan is that Drew docks him 100 points.

Next up is Film, Tv, and Theater Styles; featuring Greg attempting to get Ryan's bees to stop attacking his cattle. Yes, I know, it makes no sense.

This is supposed to be Kabuki,
something which Greg and Ryan have
evidently never actually seen.

Greg gets 2000 points.

The Next game is Hats.

Nobody gets any points for this one.

Moving on, we have Weird Newscasters. Greg is Captain Kirk:

Wayne is constantly speeding up and slowing down, and Ryan is a rock star:

That's what this is supposed to be.

500 points for everyone.

We finish up with Greatest Hits: Songs of the Postal Worker.

I really have nothing witty to say.

No points here.

Final Tally:
Greg: 2000
Wayne: 1,000,500 (he got one million points (for next show) in the last show, remember?)
Colin: 500
Ryan: 400
Total: 1003900

Wayne has the most points, but Colin and Ryan officially win.

Cumulative Total; Season 1, Episodes 1-11: 4,014,422.5

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