Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The points are just like a ten gallon hat to someone who lives in New Jersey

Season One, Episode 16

And yet another episode of Who's Line Is It Anyway begins.
This time, the starting game is Superheroes, starring:
  • Body and Paint Man: With the power to fix the dings on you car
  • Just Back From The Dentist After A Root Canal Man: with the power to speak unintelligibly
  • The Exhibitionist Kid: With the power to [trust me you don't want to know]
  • Captain Breakdance: His power should be obvious.
Captain Breakdance demonstrates his power.

Somehow, this power is supposed to solve the crisis of bad wallpaper. Captain Breakdance then defaults to his secondary power of graffiti to "fix" the problem. Crisis averted.

1000 points to everyone except Colin, who gets 800, for thinking that Wayne couldn't actually breakdance.

Next up is Weird Newscasters. Colin thinks he's in a confessional (you can see where this is going), Wayne is underwater, and Ryan is a toddler looking for his mommy.

There's a good reason that Brad is
making that face, but you don't
want to know what it is.

I don't know how priests do it. They probably know far more about people than anyone would ever want to know.

This would probably help a bit.

Anyway, Wayne drowns, and Ryan finds his mommy.

Pictured: Ryan with his "mommy".

No points are to be had here.

We move on to Scenes from a Ten Gallon Hat.

This hat is not patriotic enough.

Since the rest of the game is pretty much just people standing, there really isn't a good picture available. Except for this:

People who shouldn't rap.
Less of a joke, more of
an objective statement.

Still no points.

Props is up next. No one gets any points except the guy who burns the props. Ok, that makes no sense. Why would you burn the props? And why award points to the guy that does it?

It's kinda stupid looking, but seriously, burning it?

Oh, a giant magnifying glass. How horrible.

Oh. Okay. I rescind my previous
sarcasm. Burn the props.

Ok, just give me a second here to get that image out of my head...


Okay, I'm good.

Our final scoring game is Greatest Hits: Songs of the Exterminator. Colin decides to be evil, and start of the commercial with an instrumental.

Guys, instrumental means
"No Vocals".

Brad sure looks...intense. Hmmm....

Okay okay! I won't do the staring
thing again like I did last time...

Final Tally:
Brad: 1000
Wayne: 1000
Colin: 800
Ryan: 1000
Guy who burns the props: 1000
Total: 4800

Point winner: Everyone but Colin
Official Winner: Colin and Ryan

Yup. The points don't matter. What did you expect?

Cumulative Total: Season 1, Episodes 1-16: 5,137,422.5

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