Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The points are just like blogs to the Amish.

Season 1, Episode 17

And welcome to yet another episode of Whose Line Is It Anyway, featuring Stephen Colbert!
In America!*

This episode begins with a game of Weird Newscasters. Colin is speaking in baby talk to Stephen:
Or maybe churning some butter.

Wayne is Bill Cosby:

And Ryan is in love with the camera.
As evidenced by the fact that he
does this kind of thing all the time.

The cameraman gets 1000 points for putting up with Ryan's advances.

The next game is Scene to Rap. In an avalanche.
On Skis.

And Colin still can't rap.
There's no sound, but you can just tell.

Colin gets 50 points despite his lack of rhythm.

Moving people is the next game. Colin and Ryan are Navy SEALS who must swim out to sea to sabotage an enemy ship.
Hopefully the real Navy SEALS
are more competent than this.

No points.

And now: Props.
"Welcome to midget Jamaica!"

This is either football, or a guy with
excessive dental work yelling at
a sprinter for his poor form.

Everybody gets 1000 points.

We now interrupt this post to bring you "Greatest Hits: Songs of the Pro Bowler"!

He's singing. It's hard to get an
interesting screencap.

No points.

The final scoring game is Party Quirks. Wayne is the doing the longest touchdown celebration ever, Colin is a lobster talking his way out of being cooked, and Ryan is Crash Test Dummy footage. But all you really need to know is this:
Wayne never passes up an
opportunity to breakdance.

No points though.

Final Tally:
Wayne: 1000
Stephen: 1000
Colin: 1050
Wayne: 1000
Cameraman: 1000
Total: 5050

Colin accumulates the most points, but Stephen is the victor. Probably because he looks like this:
Yeah, he wins.

Cumulative Total, Season 1: Episodes 1-17: 5,142,472.5

*If you don't get the joke, watch this.

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